Thursday, November 11, 2010

Inception: Dreaming within a Dream

"Jack",of Titanic, Leonardo Dicaprio is back with another must see movie, INCEPTION. It's getting something within ones mind under a subconscious state. Dreaming within a dreaming dream.

The movie at first was a bit of tricky I didn't get the main idea of dreaming within a dream but as the the movie goes on I started to get the whole idea. They are using a sedative to sustain their long sleep and to get the job done within the subconscious state. As they plan to go deeper into a higher level of dream they need a stronger sedative to sustain but the consequence is that it would make them also sleep deeper and got a high chance of not waking up at all.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Building Billion Dollars

Great Movie. Must see movie, you should never miss this inspiring movie. Friends, Ideas, Skill, Knowledge, Courage, Confidence and Betrayal things to notice on this movie. Movie turns around the creation of the Famous Social Networking Site: "". Initializing the whole site with just a simple idea of comparing girls then adding more ideas based on the target users preference and resulted to this fantastic invention.

Money. It creates a difference in friendship. Even the closest shall fall back and turn out from you and betray you. But what's important is finding a way of restoring the friendship that was nourished and help each other to rise up again.

One must know his rights and know the rules of life. Ignorance is no excuse to crime. The person who knows the rule win the battle. It woke me up from being passive of the happenings around me and I thought of some case that what if this very moment I am brought to court and I have to defend myself and I have to remember everything happened to me for the past days, will I win the case?

Cats and Dogs Reviews

It really depends on how you let your pets interact with there fellow animals. Whether in a competitive way, social manner or just play dead. Growth environment really plays a big role not only to us humans but also to animals specially to our pets. In this story animals has there own way of living. It corrects the perception that Cats and Dogs always fights when they come across a same route. We can always set down all differences when it comes to helping comrades. This movie has a simple concept, yet reading between the lines really accomplishes the authors goal.